Welcome back! We all hope you’ve had a great summer and that you have been training steady for the upcoming year.  I know that I have seen a few of you around town at the King City Beer Fest, Wild Wing and the softball field so I’m sure everyone’s been training really hard.
Let’s start with the good news – The Executive has been named and I am returning as secretary. I know everyone is particularly excited to get more emails from me.  Harry Kane departs, and replacing Harry is Dan Richards. Welcome Dan!  Jeff Connor, Paul Mercuiano and Brian Jagger return as part of the executive.  We’re lucky to have them all.

As for registration, the executive is finalizing the sign up form online. This will be coming next week and registration will be opened. Here are the notes:
1. We are planning to return to 8 teams. We could not get the earlier ice time so we return to precovid times. In the event that we do not have enough, we’ll roll 6 teams again.

2. IF there is a conflict where the league has too many registrations (which is unlikely, but just for clarity), the priority will be as following:
First, Players who were in the league in 2020 who were unable to return due to COVID in 2022 will be given their spots.
Second, all players including first year players returning from last season.
Thirdly, New Players. We usually have 10 or so spots for new players, so do encourage them to fill out the form when it comes out.
Lastly, current defenseman of the year Tyler Kozak. Seriously, miss you buddy and I’m excited to have you back this year!

Registration will open and I’ll email everyone next week to let people know. I may have old emails so please do let your friends know so they don’t miss it.

The Executive