Goaltender of the Year


This page is dedicated to the ORMRHL’s best goalies over the years and recipients of the Goaltender of the Year award.

1986Bob Smith
1987L. Bishop
1988Todd Ritza
1990Dave Ryan
1991Jeff Cole
1992Jeff Cole
1993Jeff Cole
1994Jeff Cole
1995Bill Newman / Darren Murchie
1996Jeff Cole
1997Derek Sanderson
1998Jeff Cole
1999Steve Mead
2000Steve Vine
2001Bill Newman
2002Bill Newman
2003Cameron Clouse
2004Craig Spinney
2005Todd Ritza
2006Tim Latta
2007Darrin Smeets
2008Darrin Smeets
2009Steve Vine
2010Johnathon Rotolo
2011Steve Alanko
2012Darrin Smeets
2013Ryan Doggart
2014Brennan Love
2015Steve Bacsalmsi
2016Ryan Doggart
 2017Ryan Doggart