League Members

I want to congratulate all teams on a very solid regular season.   The Wildcats proved to be just too powerful with their combination of Speed, Skill and more speed to narrowly edge out the Dragons for the regular season overall win.  The “Presidents Trophy”…or whatever we call it is officially theirs! Great season!

We’re off for March break, but once we return, we’ll be into playoffs.  Here are the need to knows:
1. Remember that our league values do not change. It’s important. People want to win, and the pace improves as with any playoffs, but additional bullshit won’t be tolerated.  So let’s continue to play hard but play clean.
2. Round robin format. Every team plays every team, before we break into an A and B championship.  Each game is worth 5 points total – 3 x 1 point for each period, and 2 points for a win.  Ties of a period, or the game result in the splitting of the points.  The top for 4 teams at the end of the round robin go to the A championship, the bottom 4 teams go to the B championship. THere is a second playoff based on grouping that determines more match ups. 
3. Our final playoff date will actually be in Aurora on a saturday in April. THis represents a change in location. I’ll provide more information as we get closer on the date, the location of the banquet and all the other details.

Thank you all for a very good regular season. With so many new players, there naturally are risks to the league culture but the group really aligned with the groups vision.  I think this has a lot to do with our Team Reps really supporting the executive on a game by game basis. A special thank you for the thankless job that they do!

Best of luck in the playoffs, and may the luckiest team win!

The Executive.