1.   The Oak Ridges Men’s Recreational Hockey League (”The League”) shall be governed by Hockey Canada Rules and Regulations along with, from time to time, rules inserted by The League.
  2.   The League may add or delete any rules they feel are necessary to improve the league at any time during the year.
  3.   At a minimum a 1/2 visor is mandatory for all players and referees.
  4.   The League maintains a strict non-body contact policy.
  5. The red line will be removed for the purpose of off side passes (two line passes) and icings.   The icing line has moved from center to the far blueline.
  6.   No alcohol or smoking will be allowed in the dressing rooms either prior to or after a game. A fine of $25.00 will be assessed to any team that permits alcohol or smoking in the dressing room.
  7.   Player registration must be paid in full 1 week prior to the beginning of each season. Alternatively a player may, with League approval, make arrangements with the Secretary/Treasurer-Registrar.
  8.   If a goalie is going to be absent from a game he must call his Team Rep.
  9.   Length of games shall be:

-1st period – 15 minutes running time last 30 seconds stop time.

-2nd period – 15 minutes running time last 30 seconds stop time.

-3rd period – 10 minutes stop time

In the event of a regular season tie teams will play three on three (skaters not including goalies) for 4 minutes. Players must change on the fly and cannot change during a stoppage in play. If the score is still tied the game will end in a tie and both teams will receive one point.

  1. Game Attendance

      Every player in The League must play at least one half of the regular season games at any point in the season. If a player has not played at least one half of the games at any given point in the season he is subject to disciplinary action which could take the form of suspension and/or expulsion from the League without reimbursement for the unplayed games.

  1. Six(6)Players, goalie plus 5 skaters or 6 skaters will be allowed to start the game. If a team cannot ice the required number of players then they will forfeit the game. Teams have 8 minutes from the time the clock is started to obtain a goalie or forfeit the game. If the game is started within that time period a minor penalty will be assessed the team for delay of game..
  2. During playoffs if a team’s goalie is not present The League’s Executive and Team Reps available prior to the start of the game, will decide on the available goalies present at this time.
  3. Any person on the player’s bench is subject to League Rules & Regulations. A bench player may be assessed a minor penalty. If the assessed player is deemed to have not acted in accordance with The Leagues Code of Conduct, that person will be ejected from the game along with appropriate penalty(s) to the team.
  4. If a player receives three (3) minor penalties in one game, the player will be immediately ejected from the game. If a goalie receives (3) three penalties in one game he is assessed a Game Misconduct to be served the next game. A 4th penalty results in a (5) five Game Suspension and a review by The League Executive. The goalie shall be allowed to continue play in the game in which the penalties are assessed.
  5. Probation means that the League Executive has determined that a player may continue to play but will do so under the constant scrutiny of the Executive. Each Probationary situation will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
  6. a. Regular Season Penalty Points. Each minor penalty is equal to 1 (one) point. A major penalty is worth 5 (five) points. A misconduct is worth 5 (five) points. When a player reaches 14 (fourteen) points there is a 1 (one) game suspension. When a player reaches 18 (eighteen) points there is a 2 (two) game suspension. When a player reaches 22 (twenty-two) points there is a 4 (four) game suspension. When a player reaches 26 (twenty-six) points there is an 8 (eight) game suspension. When a player reaches 30 (thirty) points there is a 16 (sixteen) game suspension. At the ruling of The League Executive board a player having reached the 30 penalty point mark, may or may not be allow back into The League the following year.
  7. Playoff Penalty Points

When a player reaches 8 (eight) points there is a 1 (one) game suspension.

When a player reaches 10 (ten) points there is a 2 (two) game suspension and a $10.00 fine.

When a player reaches 12 (twelve) points there is a 4 (four) game suspension and a $20.00 fine.

When a player reaches 14 (fourteen) points there is a 5 (five) game suspension and a $40.00 fine.

If on suspension at the last regular season game, the remaining number of games to be served would be divided by 2 (two) and those penalty points would go towards the player’s playoff penalty points.

If a player reaches his penalty point suspension threshold penalty in the final playoff game and his team makes the final, it would be up to The League Executive to decide whether or not he is eligible for the final game.

  1. Probation Penalty Points

If The League Executive believes a player should be on probation then all penalty point suspension thresholds are not an automatic suspension. The player will have a meeting with the executive to determine the number of games the suspension should be or if the player should be removed from the league.

15  A player receiving a 3rd man in fight penalty, as assessed by the referee, will receive an automatic minimum Five (5) Game Suspension (With No Appeal).

  1. First fight, automatic minimum Five (5) Game Suspension. If in a second the fight player will be ejected from The League with no refund of registration fees, regardless of games remaining, (Unless there are special circumstances as deemed by The League Executive.).
  2. There will be an appeal policy for the firstfighting infraction only, and this shall be left up to The League Executive and Team Reps to decide. This includes regular season and playoff games, except for the infraction of 3rd man in a fight.
  3. If a player receives a Match penalty he will receive an automatic Seven (7) Game Suspension.
  4. A team will not be able to add a substitute player to their roster past the 27th game of the season.

a. All teams will participate in ten (10) play-off games with the following points system: Win Game – 2 points, Tie Game – 1 point, Win Period – 1 point & Tie Period – 1/2 point

b.After completing the first seven (7games the teams will be divided into the top four (4) and bottom four (4) teams based on standings. The top four (4) will play a three (3) game round robin with the top two (2) teams playing for the “A” Championship. Teams placing in the bottom four (4) will also play a three (3) game round robin with the top two (2) teams proceeding to the “B” Championship, Championship length & structures of the games will be the same as regular season games, except in the event of a tie there will be 10 minute sudden-death periods until a winner is declared.

  1. If there are any ties in the play-offs Tie Breakers will be determined by the following:
    …1. Team that finished highest in the standings at the end of the regular season will be awarded the victory.
    …2. If teams are still tied then goals against will be subtracted from goals for to determine the winner.
    …3. The least penalized team during regular season play determines the final winner.
    d.In a Play-Off game situation the total points will be 5 (five) for a defaulted game.
  2. Any fundraising for The League must have full participation by all players or members.
  3. High sticking of the puck will result in a minor penalty. A penalty shall be called if the player makes contact with the puck intentionally or unintentionally if their stick is above the normal part of their shoulders.  A penalty shall also be called if a player attempts to touch the puck with their stick above the normal part of their shoulders and doesn’t touch the puck.

All parts of the stick including the shaft are included.  

Exception will be the goalie’s shaft of the stick unintentionally touching the puck above the cross bar.  The normal height of the shoulders for goalies shall be deemed the greater of the cross bar or the goalie at standing (based on the discretion of the Ref).

  1. a. Checking from Behind automatic Major and a Game.
    Any checking from behind into the boards, net or with the intent to injure will be automatic Match Penalty.
  2. Any player who has received an injury causing loss of blood must go directly to the first aid room for attention. Any player who has blood on his uniform or equipment as a result of the above injury will leave the game and will not return until the blood has been removed or equipment changed.
  3. Play will be deemed stopped when a goalie is struck in the head with a puck.  For the safety of the goalie, play is deemed stopped even before the ref has had time to blow the whistle.  A goal scored off the helmet of a goalie before a whistle is to be disallowed.
  4. Any delayed offside shot on goal will be playable by the defending team; if a goal is scored it will not count.
  5. a. During stoppage of play, the referee will warn penalized players to close the penalty box door before assessing a penalty.

    b. During play if the penalized player leaves the penalty box door open while the puck is in play he will receive a minor penalty.

  6. All non-goalie players must wear a League issued sweater. A minor penalty will be given to the player who is not wearing a League sweater, however, the team will not have to play short-handed.
  7. Any time a player appears in before The League Executive for disciplinary matters for the second time, in any given season, his status in The League shall be reviewed by The League Executive.
  8. These rules will be implemented for the betterment of the league and its members.
  9. Team Stats will be published on a regular basis.Individual Stats will be published at the end of the year or from time to time.